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In a brief moment of reserved, inward panic, I feel a need to announce to the unwatching world that I completely forgot about my class that starts at 8AM (and the subsequent class at 1:45 PM), it is 5:00 AM as I am typing this, I have not yet slept, and I usually wake up at 6:00AM to start the morning routine.  The last class ends at 4:30PM;  Today's classes are long, if favorable.  

Let's see how much of this I can beast through. 

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YES. WITHOUT ACCIDENTS, EVEN. Though I did fall asleep between classes for thirty minutes, but that was all. I will call it a success! Thank you, mine own circadian rhythm. Baking class was long (4 hours), but very busy, so I was completely preoccupied and forgot everything. And I had pastry to thank for it afterwards! Mmmm, miniature apple pies.

EEEEEXCELLENT. And falling asleep between classes is The Way To Go in my opinion! DEFINITELY A SUCCESS. ESPECIALLY IF THERE WAS PIE.

I did not know you were taking a baking class??

Indeed I am taking baking class! And I have never been happier about the final exam: CHEESECAKE.

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