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confused / ponder
"He hasn't got the habit of covering his words with euphemisms.  Those are for the shy and the averse; Izaya is anything but.  He looks at things straight on for what they really are.  Whether he's born for it or just very practiced, it is what he has spent his life thus far doing, with much amusement.  (Watching people.)  No mincing of words.  (Unless important relations depend on it or a useful pawn is about to bite on his hook.)  (Or, more likely, to get them to bite he does the reverse and tells it to them point blank.  Because some people want straightforwardness).  Because Izaya's like a fisherman with a sharp, sharp hook, except his hook does a lot less sitting around and a lot more beelining.  (And who knows what he does with the fish afterwards.)"


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